Why enroll in this course?

If you struggle with putting your ideas into action, this course is for you. We will teach you how to release your website to your online audience. We also smooths over any technical steps, like registering your domain and hosting.

This course is also great for aspiring eCommerce specialists. You can apply skills learned in this training to your future clients.

How do you get certified?

You’ll receive an eCommerce certification after completing this 7-part course. It’ll be a useful addition to your CV or LinkedIn profile.

Who should follow an eCommerce course?

You might think eCommerce is only meant for local retailers or businesses who are transitioning online. This isn’t the case.

eCommerce opens the door to selling any product or service online. In fact, 95% of purchases are predicted to be made online by 2040.

On that note, online eCommerce courses aren’t for business owners only. They’re useful for anyone who wants to sell a product—entrepreneurs, authors, industry specialists… You name it.

This industry isn’t going away, it’s only getting bigger. You might as well learn how to win the game.

Is an eCommerce certification worth it?

The main purpose of an eCommerce certification is to boost your credibility. While there’s no downside to getting certified, some may need it more than others.

If you’re an aspiring eCommerce marketer or digital marketing specialist, I highly recommend an eCommerce certification. Your clients will expect proof of your knowledge.

This form of credibility isn’t necessary for a business that sells coffee, for example. But, it never hurts to show customers your expertise.

On another note, you might be hesitant to get an eCommerce certification because of expenses.

Rest assured, our list includes both free and paid eCommerce training courses. Money doesn’t have to stop you from getting certified.