Funds Recovery Service

Quality Is What We Prescribe

Welcome to Funds Recover Serivce by NTL OF NYC , we are an online Funds Recovery and Anti-Fraud Company based in the USA. However Our GEO location does not limit us in recovering your funds and putting responsible parties to book.

Tracking Fraud companys can be a little bit hard and in some cases impossible, but not to worry, we have just what you need to aqquire information and insights for very given situation. In times of trouble we will carefully select professionals and expert computer programmers to help track, hack and get into any scammers’ system to check for system’s security.where we offer wide ranging menu of services.

Management focuses on security mechanisms of computer and network systems and we do not prefer social engineering, hence we provide quick service and our results are fast and as a team of professionals we keep privacy and confidentiality to our consumers.

We can also help to prevent confidentiality of mobile phone and email data by trying different methods to get into mobile phone and email accounts. Web database in most vulnerable to attack because it contains more secure data, many companies hire hacker to make there database safe from security point of view. Fund Recovery Services | Bitcoin Scam | FX Trading Scam

Our Mission

Our Mission is to secure You with the best by providing True Hacking and Real Hacking Services. Hire Us to find security holes in an existing cyber system, so they can be patched.


Our company is your one stop solution for all needs. There is no doubt that we are the leaders and you don’t have to worry about our image because it is perfect.

Terms & Privacy

All Data giving by a member of NTL OF NYC will be only privately used and not disclosed to any third parties. Please note that some vital info might be requested as to help in the investigation processes